Production Facility Life Extension

Collaborative innovation and excellence

SINTEF, MARINTEK, IFE, IRIS, NTNU and UiS are creating, in cooperation with Oil & Gas Operators, a Joint Industry Project on Production Facility Life Extension. The basis for the R&D innovation is the jint active contribution from all parties to this collaborative environment. 

Commercialisation strategy and route to the market

The way to the market will be developed through associated projects outside the Centre's activities. These associated projects will maintain the commercial IP rights for the companies involved. It is expected that only oil companies with a specific commercial interest in the individual associated projects will participate in these in cooperation with service companies.

R&D Coordination and the multidiscipline approach

Special attention will be given to careful coordination of the consortium activities together with existing R&D activities at the research partners SINTEF, MARINTEK, IFE, IRIS, NTNU and UiS.

The R&D partners will make use of the current R&D platform to help realize the value potential connected with the emerging ideas, concepts and development in the consortium. All open R&D results from the partners’ current R&D portfolios including several R&D centers, will systematically be made available to the CPPF.